An experienced SEO consultant knows how to get you found and boost your revenue.

I’m Alex, the SEO consultant that brings you traffic, leads and conversions - instead of excuses.

I help small and medium businesses increase their online visibility, improve their rankings, and boost their traffic. My clients say that my SEO techniques lifted their revenue beyond their expectations.

I did it for their business and I can do it for your business, too.


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I have one goal: to scale your profits to new heights using SEO. My SEO services improve rankings, increase traffic, and put your business in front of high-converting customers. You can choose from full service to once-off support.

Monthly Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

If you are looking for complete done-for-you SEO, then my monthly SEO campaigns are ideal. You’ll get keyword research, a customised SEO strategy, onsite SEO, website audit, and regular reporting and support.

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Google Penalty Recovery

Google penalties can kill your traffic and conversions. I can undo the damage and get you back on track.

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Website Audits

I’ll give you an in-depth insight into the SEO issues your website faces. On-page technical issues, content issues, hosting, Google Analytics, and backlink issues will all be run through a fine tooth comb.

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Setting you up for SEO success


The only metrics that I’ll obsess over are those that help your business grow. If it doesn’t help your bottom line, then it doesn’t matter.


More customers and better rankings mean more targeted traffic and significant profit margins for your business.


Improve your search engine ranking without falling foul of Google’s rules and risking a penalty. No one should gamble with your SEO.


You’ll receive easy to understand reports which show you what is happening, how much you’re spending, and what we can do better. Because trust is everything.


When you choose me, you get me. I will personally look after you from start to finish.


Pull the plug anytime. You’re in full control at all times


 Frequently Asked Questions

Can SEO help me?

Search engines are a major way that customers find your business. Driving more traffic to that website can help you get more paying customers. 

Appearing on page one in search engine results builds trust, credibility and brand authority giving the idea that you are a market leader in your field.

What’s your availability?

I will only take on 2 new clients per month and am generally booked 2 months in advance. If you’re interested in getting started soon, I recommend you get in touch ASAP, and I can let you know my next available start date.

Do you take on every client who wants to work with you?

No, I don’t. I’d really love to help everyone who enquires, but some websites just aren’t suited for SEO services. This can be due to a number of things, whether it’s a brand new domain, or that not a lot of people are searching for your particular niche. If I don’t believe you will get a return on your investment from SEO, I will be upfront and honest.

How do I know if my website is ready for SEO

Here are some signs that you’re ready to hire an SEO consultant:

  1. Your website is at least a year old

    I require that my clients’ websites have been online for at least a year before we work together.
    Brand new websites are difficult to rank. It’s not impossible, but it can take a lot longer than an established website. The reason for this is that Search Engines aren’t sure if new websites have been created for spam links or as actual businesses, therefore it takes a little while for Google to work it all out and rank your website accordingly.

  2. Your website is built on WordPress or Squarespace

    If a website has a lot of technical issues, search engines may not be able to find your content, or even rank the wrong pages for your targeted keywords.

    Some website platforms have limitations when building sites, they are great for DIY’ers but don’t provide the option to edit some of the more technical areas which can be crucial to your website’s ability to rank. Some of these areas include meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, and other search engine settings. Some platforms are better for this than others.

The ability to rank your site will be limited if your site has been built on the Wix or Weebly website platform. I recommend for the best performance that my clients use Squarespace or Wordpress.

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