Meet Alex

Hey, I'm Alex

Behind every single one of my client’s SEO campaigns you’ll find a tonne of research, brainstorming, collaboration, and a whole lot of hustle.

It’s important to me that I build a genuine relationship with each client — I want to hear your dreams, visions and goals. There’s nothing I love more than helping my clients reach their goals for their business.

Get to know me...

I’m passionate about helping businesses understand the true power of SEO and using it to reach their goals.

The most important thing to me is that my clients get results and a return on their investment.  

I have 5 years experience in optimising websites for Google. My interest in SEO came from my own personal experiences with the SEO industry. I felt it could be changed to include more transparency and remove the smoke and mirrors approach.

I am a lover of humour and quick wit, I love to have a good laugh. I’m a memes enthusiast and am known to reply to text messages through GIFs.

I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks about self improvement and personal growth. I can’t stand negativity – I am a big believer in positivity and having a growth mindset. I believe your life is exactly what you make it.

When I’m not at my computer I can be found at the beach, fishing, travelling or out in the veggie patch creating a fortress to attempt to keep my Beagle from eating the strawberries.

I'm ready when you are

Say hello to your new SEO Consultant – I'm ready to help your business thrive!