SEO Services Pricing


“I’ve been doing SEO with another company for a while now, but I don’t seem to be getting results”

Most clients who work with me have tried and tested a number of SEO agencies in their time and it’s never ended well for them.

Because, let’s face it — Cheap SEO Services never pay off.

Cheap SEO involves dodgy tactics that come back to bite you. Sometimes you will get results for a few months, then next thing you know, you’re no where to be seen because Google has caught up with your site and noticed some questionable techniques have been implemented.

Something you should know is that I’m not interested in buying hundreds of cheap links each month, implementing dodgy SEO tactics and sitting back each month with my fingers crossed that your site will perform. Those are lazy tactics that are lucky to even yield short term results.

I’m interested in doing things properly and getting you long term results. I want your website to make you a solid return on your investment over the long term.

SEO Campaign Pricing:

In the interest of transparency and in order to not waste your time or mine, my campaign prices are listed below.

If you’re after $500 per month services, I’m not the SEO consultant for you. My rates are priced so that I can engage with professionals (e.g content writers) that also offer a high level of work.

$1,500 PER MONTH

Minimum of 15 hours
($100 per hour for additional hours)
Content creation
Manual Link Outreach
No Lock-in Contracts*
Regular Reporting

* Please note: I do not have lock-in contracts, however you must understand that you won’t magically skyrocket your rankings in 1 month. 12 months is the recommended time frame to build a solid SEO campaign.
If you aren’t committed to seeing out the full 12 month process, then you may be better off looking at other marketing options.

Partnership Pricing

For clients who are wanting to lock in my services for 6 month or 12 month periods, I offer discounted rates. (15 hours minimum per month)

For 6 months - $95 an hour = $1425 per month
For 12 months - $85 an hour = $1275 per month

Businesses I work with:

  • Healthy businesses who are already doing well but are looking ways to increase their enquiries/sales, or to expand their business and revenue.
    I generally don’t work with start-ups and brand new websites

  • Clients who understand that SEO is a long term process and don’t get caught up in their ranking position. Being in position 1 doesn’t mean anything if no one is searching for that keyword. My goal is to increase your enquiries and revenue, not to get you into position 1 for every single keyword.
    If you’re after instant results, SEO may not be for you. Adwords or Social Media marketing may be a better option.

  • Clients who understand ROI. SEO is an investment, once set up correctly it will pay for itself for years to come. $1,500 per month may seem like a lot, but when your site is bringing you in an extra $10K, $20K, $30K+ per month, it puts my services pricing into perspective. If I don’t believe I can get you a return on investment, then I’ll make recommendations around other marketing options.