Search Engine Optimisation vs Google Adwords

SEO vs Google Adwords


By now you’ve probably have heard SEO and Google Adwords as marketing options for your business. However, both are a bit costly for a start-up or a new company and even for an existing company if not done properly. Getting the most return on investment is important with your marketing dollars. But, what is the difference? Which is the best option for your company? To figure this out, you need to really sit down and go over your goals. The short term and long term goals of your marketing and business will determine the best solution.

Google Adwords is useful as a short term tool

Google Adwords are those ads that you see at the top of every Google search. The idea is that you get your ad on the front page of Google for the keywords or phrases you are looking to target. These ads are set up within a few hours and can be fired immediately. They can be stealth targeted to your particular clientele as well. So, they are a very effective option for marketing indeed.

Google Adwords is a great solution for companies to get the phone ringing quickly. When an Adwords campaign is optimised properly, it can bring in the traffic, phone calls, and appointments right away, almost as soon as you set it up. However, they tend to be a costly solution over time due to being pay per lead. Once you stop investing in Adwords, the traffic to your website stops. Therefore Adwords are more suited for short term results.

SEO is ideal for long term results

The other marketing solution that is most talked about is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This means that your website is optimized to be found and ranked in search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO does not happen within a couple of hours. In fact, depending on the market, it may take several months, with the average timeframe being between 6-12 months. SEO has a very delicate balance to the content on the pages, the interlinking and backlinking. But, when done properly, your site will rank in the search engines and be found for your particular keywords.

SEO is something that many business owners like to attempt on their own. However, SEO is extremely complex and always changing. As the algorithms change within the search engines, things on the websites have to change. This is a long term goal and the effects can be lasting, as long as you continue to stay on top of changes to the algorithm. Once, you get your keywords ranking, you must keep them a ranking and can add to the list of keywords and phrases you would like to target. SEO can initially seem as though it costs more than adwords, however once your website is optimised at ranking it can generally hold its own within the results and deliver a return on your investment for some time after you’ve finished investing your marketing dollars into your campaign


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